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‘It was alive’: Mexican doctors examine non-human-like alien bodies

Inside the abdomen of one of these beings, we found large round lumps that could potentially be eggs, according to scientists.

Mexican scientists have conducted thorough examinations on ‘non-human-like’ alien bodies that were introduced to the Mexican Congress a few days ago. The unveiling of these unusual alien remains caused widespread speculation and intrigue after Mexico’s congress opened about them last week. 

A detailed analysis of the ‘non-human-like’ alien bodies was broadcast live from the Noor Clinic on Jaime Maussan’s YouTube channel, adding to the building curiosity and mystery. A group of researchers performed a series of tests on these alien specimens, denying assumptions about their origin. 


Jose Zalce Benitez, the director of the Health Sciences Research Institute at the Secretary of the Mexican Navy’s office, disclosed that there were no signs of manipulation or fabricated assembly in the skulls. “This leads to a strong suggestion that these specimens weren’t manufactured by humans,” as reported by the New York Post.

Even more astonishing was Benitez and his team’s subsequent discovery. Reporting on this, Benitez added, “Inside the abdomen of one of these beings, we found large round lumps which we assessed could potentially be eggs. This was not only intact and biological, but it was also in a state of gestation.” 

DNA Tests Results

Results from intensive DNA tests added a layer of suspense and mystery when they were compared with over a million different species. To the surprise of all, there was no match found in existing scientific databases or human knowledge. 

“Based on the DNA tests, they are not related to what is known or described up to this moment by science or by human knowledge,” stated Benitez, inducing an air of mystery in the findings.


Describing these exceptionally strange findings, journalist Jose Jaime Maussan unveiled two artfully-curated boxes holding what he, along with others, believed to be “non-human beings not connected to our Earthly evolution.” The sight of these dried-up bodies with contracted, unusually shaped heads left the onlookers stunned. They also ignited a torrent of interest and speculation in social media. 

Maussan, however, advised caution and refrained from prematurely designating them as ‘extraterrestrials.’ He insisted that a more thorough DNA study is needed to definitively confirm their non-human origins and to ascertain that there are no similar beings on earth. .

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