The Tatva® is a youth-run independent news, analysis, opinion, and knowledge venture launched in January 2020 by editor Yashodhar Gulati. We publish articles curated through verified sources from across the globe and strongly believe in freedom of speech press as our goal is to bring a positive change in India’s existing digital media ecosystem.

While biased news sources like traditional TV Channels, Newspapers, and digital media with significant political inclination continue to capture the Indian Media Ecosystem, The Tatva focuses on unfiltered news coverage and unprecedented opinions with a POV from all angles without any biases towards one ideology and provide a realistic + clear image to our readers.

The Tatva which is currently the fastest-growing Digital Media portal in India was conceptualized and launched by a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to create a network and platform that shows news and not propaganda, unlike the current-day digital media.

The vision of creating a platform for an unbiased news source became a reality in January when it was first launched on Social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Tatva has reached over 80 million social media accounts across the internet.

In less than 2 years, we have had over 50 million readers but you might be wondering how did we grow at such a fast pace and who funds us.

How are we funded?

We at The Tatva only depend on the contributions of individual readers like you who appreciate independent journalism and want us to sustain in a world dominated by big media houses being run by industrial elites who not only shadow the real news but mold it according to their ideology.

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