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Unleash Your AI Creativity: Build Your Own Smart Companion with ChatGPT!

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot which is programmed to use natural language and have real, humanlike conversations with its users

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm since its launch in November 2022. Its ability to understand language naturally and respond like a human has captivated users globally. At a recent OpenAI dev day event, an exciting feature was unveiled—giving everyone the power to create their own personalized AI models, called GPTs. The best part? No coding skills are required. This opens up a world of possibilities for customization, allowing individuals to shape AI conversations according to their preferences. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simplified steps to create your own custom GPT with ChatGPT, putting the reins of AI innovation in your hands.

Steps to Create Your Own Custom GPT With ChatGPT:

  1. Click on Create a GPT:
    • To begin the process, go to the GPT creation interface by simply clicking on “Create a GPT.” This is where the magic starts to happen.
  2. Prompt the GPT Builder:
    • Give your GPT a name and provide examples of how you want it to behave. For instance, you can instruct the GPT Builder with a request like, “Create a GPT that excels in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to assist accountants and auditors.”
  3. Name and Profile Picture:
    • The GPT Builder will suggest a name and profile picture for your AI. Confirm these details, and behind the scenes, DALLE-3 generates the image.
  4. Configure Your GPT:
    • Move to the “Configure” tab and edit default instructions and sample questions for starter conversations. Under ‘Knowledge,” you can upload relevant files, such as a 150-page PDF on “IFRS-17 Insurance Contracts.”
  5. Publish:
    • Once you are satisfied with the configuration, save and publish your GPT by clicking the button in the top right corner. Congratulations! Your customized GPT is now ready to engage in conversations tailored to your specified expertise.

Overview of ChatGPT and GPTs:

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot which is programmed to use natural language and have real, humanlike conversations with its users. This chatbot is programmed to respond to the users queries and even compose message, emails, essays and a lot more on the command of the user.

Now, ultimately this is possible because of something called GPT, which stands for ‘Generative Pre-trained Transformer’. GPTs are like super-smart language helpers created by OpenAI, who learn from tons of words and can help with all sorts of language tasks. These GPTs are like a smart helpful friend, only that these friends keep becoming smarter after every new update and new versions.

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