Haryana MLA’s arrest sparks controversy amid communal clash investigation

Questions surrounding arrest and evidence surface in Nuh violence case.

The Haryana government has taken some significant steps in response to the communal clashes in Nuh that occurred on July 31. One of the most important actions was the arrest of Congress MLA Mamman Khan in connection with the violence. He had been named as an accused in the case, and according to the Haryana Police, there is substantial evidence linking him to the disturbances that followed a Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) yatra.

Mamman Khan’s arrest led to further measures by the Haryana government to maintain peace and order in the district. They ordered the suspension of mobile internet and bulk SMS services in Nuh for two days. Additionally, Section 144 has been imposed in Nuh until further notice. Section 144 is a legal provision that prohibits the assembly of more than four people in one place. This step was taken to prevent any potential disturbances to the peace and public order.

In an effort to minimize any further tensions, the government urged people to offer their Friday prayers at home instead of gathering in public spaces. This was a precautionary measure to ensure that large gatherings do not lead to more conflicts or violence.

Haryana Congress MLA Mamman Khan arrested

Mamman Khan, the arrested Congress MLA, had sought protection from arrest by approaching the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The court was scheduled to hear his case on October 19. He claimed that he was falsely implicated in the case, asserting that he was not even present in Nuh on the day of the violence.

However, the Haryana Police argued otherwise, stating that they had carefully evaluated the evidence before naming Mamman Khan as an accused. They mentioned having phone call records and other evidence to support their case. The court scheduled his appearance on the following Friday.

Before his arrest, Mamman Khan had been summoned twice by the Nuh Police to appear before the investigation team. However, he did not comply with the police summons, citing viral fever as the reason. It was only on Thursday that he learned about his inclusion as an accused in the FIR, according to his lawyer.

In his petition to the High Court, Khan had also requested the formation of a high-level Special Investigation Team (SIT) comprising officers not below the rank of Inspector General of Police. He sought the transfer of cases related to the violence to the SIT and insisted that the SIT should work independently.

To provide some context, the communal violence in Nuh on July 31 stemmed from an attack on a VHP-led procession by mobs. This unfortunate incident resulted in six deaths and left many injured.

In summary, the Haryana government has taken significant steps to address the communal clashes in Nuh. This includes the arrest of the Congress MLA Mamman Khan, the suspension of mobile Internet and bulk SMS services, the imposition of Section 144, and the recommendation to offer Friday prayers at home to maintain peace. Mamman Khan’s legal battle to prove his innocence is ongoing, and he has requested the formation of a high-level SIT to investigate the violence independently. The incident on July 31 led to a tragic loss of lives and injuries, underscoring the need for a thorough and impartial investigation.

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