Trudeau declined to stay in the presidential suite during India’s G20 Summit

The Trudeau team adamantly refused to remain in those rooms, without providing a justification.

According to reports, Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, staged a play in India prior to the G20 Summit and disregarded security rules by refusing to stay in the presidential suite that was assigned to him.

For the leaders of states, Indian security agencies carefully furnished the hotel rooms. According to a story by the Times of India, the Trudeau team’s refusal to stay in those rooms gave Indian intelligence officials significant difficulties.

Trudeau had a separate presidential suite reserved at The Lalit Hotel

According to sources, Trudeau had a separate presidential suite reserved at The Lalit Hotel. But throughout his trip in India, Trudeau chose to stay in a regular room rather than use this luxurious lodging.

The suite that Trudeau and his team were given featured extra security features, including a bulletproof barrier and a thick layer of polycarbonate material that can even stop sniper rounds, according to sources in the Indian government. Other security measures were also put in place as part of a flawless plan.

The Trudeau team adamantly refused to remain in those rooms, according to sources cited by the Times of India, without providing a justification. They decided to stay in regular rooms instead. They also made the opportunity to pay for the specialised accommodations while still staying in standard suites. With the involvement of spy services, the Indian side and the Canadian side had numerous rounds of negotiations.

 However, they were forced to back up because the foreign delegation and the embassy of that country always have the final say. Since his security team and intelligence services predicted volatility in the two-way relations in the aftermath of the ongoing Khalistan movement in Canada, it is assumed that Trudeau must be acting on their instructions.

Safety of the international visitors

With US President Joe Biden resting at the ITC Maurya Sheraton and Chinese Premier Li Qiang at the Taj Palace, Delhi-NCR played host to the G20 Summit at more than 30 hotels.

In order to safeguard the safety of the international visitors, central paramilitary forces, NSG commandos, and Delhi Police teams worked together to make security measures for the summit a top priority. In order to coordinate these measures, the Ministry of Home Affairs convened numerous meetings and sent out fifty CRPF guard squads.

[Source- News 18]

The protection of foreign participants at the G20 summit was the responsibility of a committed team of 1,000 CRPF members stationed at the VIP protection Training Centre in Greater Noida.

The flight’s refusal

The sudden grounding of his aircraft because of a technical issue was another occurrence that humiliated the Canadian prime minister in India. His flight home was delayed by 36 hours as a result. On September 8, Trudeau landed in India, and on September 10, he was supposed to leave. However, his stay was extended by two days as a result of a plane malfunction.

He was returned in five days as opposed to the original three, thanks to the dispatch of another jet from Canada. Upon learning of the delay in Trudeau and his delegation’s departure owing to a weather delay, the Indian side had offered services of an aircraft “Air India One,” the VVIP aircrafts used by the President and PM of India, to take them back. The Canadian side, though, turned down the offer and opted to wait for the backup plane. On September 12, Trudeau was finally at ease to leave India.

Concerns regarding the ongoing Khalistani movement in Canada, a subject India has repeatedly expressed opposition to, are the root of the conflict between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Justin Trudeau. Recalling Trudeau’s previous 2018 visit, when he welcomed a “convicted terrorist” to lunch with him, a decision that received harsh disapproval, Trudeau’s second trip to India has once again been dogged by controversy.

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