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AI skill training for 80,000 teachers in Kerala IIT

This comprehensive training program is meticulously designed to furnish teachers with the requisite tools and knowledge to seamlessly integrate AI techniques into their pedagogical approaches

In a pioneering move, approximately 80,000 secondary school teachers in Kerala are poised to receive hands-on training in Artificial Intelligence (AI), marking a milestone in India’s educational landscape. Organized by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), these three-day training sessions are slated to kick off on May 2, with the overarching goal of equipping teachers from Classes 8 to 12 with essential AI skills by August 2024.

This comprehensive training program encompasses a spectrum of AI facets, meticulously designed to furnish teachers with the requisite tools and knowledge to seamlessly integrate AI techniques into their pedagogical approaches. A pivotal focus of the training lies in summarization techniques, aimed at streamlining intricate documents commonly found in PDFs, images, and videos.

Teachers will learn how to distill these materials into concise summaries that encapsulate vital information, while also leveraging AI tools to generate fresh content. Furthermore, the training will delve into techniques for image generation, empowering teachers to craft and refine subject-specific visuals. From transforming images into captivating cartoons or paintings to seamlessly integrating text, these skills aim to enrich the visual learning experience for students.

The curriculum also encompasses sessions on Prompt Engineering and Machine Learning, equipping teachers with the acumen to craft precise prompts essential for maximizing the efficacy of AI tools. Practical applications will deepen their comprehension of programming mechanisms. The training regimen extends to data visualization techniques, showcasing how AI can be harnessed to craft dynamic presentations and animations. Teachers will adeptly generate and tailor tables, graphs, and charts to meet specific educational requirements. Moreover, the training will furnish teachers with AI methodologies for assessment, enabling them to design diverse question formats, including unit tests.

Emphasizing the broader impact, K. Anvar Sadath, Chief Executive Officer of KITE, underscores that the program aims not only to impart AI skills but also to cultivate a culture of responsible AI usage among teachers. Through immersive training, educators will develop a nuanced understanding of potential risks associated with AI, including privacy concerns and algorithmic biases. They will even create their avatars to comprehend concepts like deepfakes, thereby gaining insights into the ethical implications of emerging technologies. To safeguard data privacy during AI tool usage, KITE has facilitated G-Suite accounts for teachers, obviating the need for personal email addresses and credentials.

Each training cohort, comprising 25 teachers, will leverage laptops and mobile phones to engage with the curriculum effectively. This initiative underscores Kerala’s steadfast commitment to harnessing technology for educational progress, with a concerted emphasis on personalized learning and inclusivity. Through AI training, educators will be primed to tailor learning activities to individual students, catering to diverse needs and fostering inclusivity for students with disabilities.

Furthermore, the training extends beyond individual teachers, encompassing plans to train Higher Secondary and High School IT coordinators, alongside little KITEs masters. With 180 Master Trainers of KITE already completing a one-month AI training program, the initiative’s scope and impact are poised for further augmentation.

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