Mobile revolution: IIT Madras’ medical devices calibration facility on wheels

This development is part of the institute's "Anaivarukkum IITM" (IITM for All) program, which aims to provide everyone with access to technological developments

IIT represents medical diagnoses

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) presented a ground-breaking effort today that represents a major advancement in the nation’s ability to provide accurate medical diagnoses: India’s first mobile medical equipment calibration center.

This development is part of the institute’s “Anaivarukkum IITM” (IITM for All) program, which aims to provide everyone with access to technological developments. In essence, the IIT Madras mobile medical device calibration facility is a mobile workshop made especially to guarantee the precision of medical equipment.

“Proper diagnosis and treatment are extremely important and for that, the medical devices need to be calibrated accurately and frequently. with the escalating cost for calibration, this effort not only reduces the cost of calibration but also the transportation cost and time required. this is a progressive step towards affordable, scalable, quality health care for all,” Prof. V. KamaKoti, director of IIT Madras said at the inauguration of this facility.

The mobile unit takes care of a vital requirement, which is the routine calibration of medical equipment. For accurate diagnosis, these instruments’ readings must be precise. Even the most advanced equipment can give false information if it is not calibrated properly, which could result in a misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

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The discrepancy in healthcare quality between urban and rural locations is the specific issue that this mobile clinic aims to address. In the past, hospitals frequently lacked the funding necessary to get their equipment calibrated on a regular basis, especially those located in isolated communities. By delivering calibration services right to their door, the mobile device removes this obstacle.

The mobile unit of IIT Madras is a technological powerhouse. The facility has updated Devices that complies with strict international standards. This makes it possible for the unit to thoroughly evaluate a wide variety of medical devices, ensuring both their functionality and safety.

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