Kerala woman dies in childbirth as husband rejects hospital, relies on YouTube videos

The accused, Nayas, has been arrested on charges of murder, and the state health minister deems it a serious crime.

In Thiruvananthapuram’s Nemom area, a tragic incident unfolded as a 36-year-old Kerala woman, Shemeera Beevi, and her newborn lost their lives during a failed home birth. Allegedly, Beevi’s husband, Nayas, insisted on a home birth, denying her access to modern institutional care and seeking childbirth guidance from YouTube videos.

The incident occurred on Tuesday when Beevi, with three previous caesarean deliveries, experienced labor pains and began bleeding profusely around 5:30 pm. Despite attempts by Nayas’s first wife, acting as a birth attendant, she couldn’t provide effective assistance. Tragically, Beevi slipped into a coma, prompting Nayas to arrange for an ambulance to transport her to a private hospital. Despite efforts, both Beevi and her newborn were declared deceased upon arrival.

Nayas was subsequently arrested on charges of murder and under IPC section 315, relating to actions intended to prevent a child from being born alive or causing its death after birth. Authorities are investigating the involvement of others, particularly Nayas’s first wife and family members, in the incident.

Thiruvananthapuram municipal corporation councillor U Deepika revealed that Nayas opposed modern treatment, insisting on home birth based on information from YouTube videos, despite warnings from health workers due to Beevi’s medical history.

Health Minister Veena George condemned the incident as a serious crime, emphasizing that the couple had been advised by a doctor to seek institutional care during pregnancy. However, they opted for acupuncture treatment instead. Minister George described it as a shocking act of murder that should not have occurred in Kerala, known for its proactive healthcare approach.

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