Couple gave up billion-dollar lifestyle to become monks

Their 16-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter also became monks in 2022, which inspired Bhavesh and his wife to do the same

Couple have gained attention

In a shocking incident, a couple , businessman from Gujarat and his wife have gained attention by renouncing their billion-dollar fortune and becoming monks.

Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari and his wife have made a profound decision to embark on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment. Hailing from Himmatnagar in the Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, they have decided to leave behind their material luxuries and embrace a humble and simple life as monks.

Bhavesh Bhai comes from a well-off family and had a privileged childhood. He got to work in the construction industry and managed businesses both in Sabarkantha and Ahmedabad. Their family has strong ties with the Jain community and they often interacted with monks. Now the couple has decided to live a simple life, leaving behind every luxury, even mobile phones.

Earlier in 2022 their 16-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter chose to become monks who inspired them to do the same. In a huge religious gathering in Himmatnagar, Bhandari along with 35 others promised to live a simple and disciplined life. They will officially embrace monkhood on April 22 at the Himmatnagar Riverfront.

9-year-old became a monk

In a similar story, last year a diamond merchant’s 9-year-old daughter also gave up material comforts and became a monk. Devanshi took ‘diksha’ from Jain monk Acharya Vijay Kirtiyashsuri in Surat.

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According to her family members, she showed interest in spirituality from a very young age. Before officially becoming a monk. She even walked approximately 700 km with other monks to adapt to their lifestyle.

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