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2024 predictions by Baba Vanga includes Putin’s assassination 

The Bulgarian woman, who was eighty-four when she passed away 26 years ago, is alleged to have made several forecasts that have come true long after her passing.

It is said that blind soothsayer Baba Vanga predicted the 9/11 attacks and the conflict in Ukraine, but what does she have to say about 2024?

Referred to be the “Nostradamus of the Balkans,” Vanga was said to possess remarkable predicting skills.


The Bulgarian woman, who was eighty-four when she passed away 26 years ago, is alleged to have made several forecasts that have come true long after her passing, according to The Sun.

Only a small portion, if any, of her “words of wisdom” were ever recorded, making these difficult to confirm.

Yet despite this, devotees continued to cling to her ambiguous and debatable “prophecies.”

While Baba is thought to have made some predictions, many of the ones that are ascribed to her are thought to have just come from trolls on the internet.


The 1911-born mystic claimed that she was swallowed up by a tornado and lost her sight.

She had forecast a good deal for 2023 as well.

One of them was that the Earth’s orbit may shift, putting us in danger of either the next ice age or a flood, depending on how distant the planet was from the sun.

As we approach the New Year, here’s what’s in store for 2024—from the assassination of Putin to medical advances.

The Seven Predictions of Nostradamus of the Balkans for 2024

1. Attempts on Putin’s life

According to The Mirror, the blind clairvoyant may have predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be killed by a citizen of his nation in 2024.

It follows the unprecedented denial of Putin’s death by the Kremlin.

There were rumors on a Telegram channel that the despot had passed away at his Valdai palace, which is located just north of Moscow.

Additionally, the Kremlin has consistently dismissed reports that Putin’s health is deteriorating and denied rumors that he has cancer.

2. Terrorist acts may become more common in Europe

Vanga prophesied the use of destructive weapons.

She says that next year there will be biological weapons testing or assaults by a “big country.”

The soothsayer foresaw that terrorists will destabilize Europe as well.

3. Horrifying calamities in nature

According to the mystic prognosis, there will be an orbital shift, which often takes place gradually.

However, if this happens more quickly, we could witness horrifying natural calamities and possibly even a rise in radiation.

4. The escalation of Eastern power and economic crises

According to Vanga, the world economy will be affected by a severe economic catastrophe in 2024.

She asserted that this may be caused by things like rising debt levels, escalating geopolitical tensions, and a transfer in economic dominance from the West to the East.

5. Cyberattacks

The mystic reported witnessing an increase in cyberattacks.

It appears that skilled hackers will target critical infrastructure directly, including water treatment facilities and electricity networks, posing a threat to national security.

6. Revolutions in technology

The clairvoyant predicted that quantum computing will see a significant advancement, according to

It occurs at a time when quantum computing is developing quickly and can resolve problems more quickly than conventional computers.

If the forecast comes to pass, society may witness a dramatic increase in the use of AI by 2024.

7. Advances in medicine

At last, but most definitely not least, Baba has provided what may be the greatest in the medical industry.

In 2024, the blind Bulgarian said, new therapies will be available for terminal illnesses including cancer and Alzheimer’s.

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