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Putin to test world’s largest ballistic missile ‘unstoppable’ Satan-2

According to Putin's official news agency TASS, "even a truncated LCI [flight development tests] would require several more launches, and assuming all launches are successful including via the South Pole.”

The world’s largest ballistic missile, the Satan-2, is scheduled to be tested by Vladimir Putin over the South Pole, according to a startling claim by Russian official media that was quickly silenced.

In an effort to demonstrate his nuclear might to the West, the dictator plans to place his first regiment equipped with a 208-ton intercontinental nuclear missile on “combat duty” the following month. This is in spite of the startling revelation that the Russian-named Sarmat doomsday missile system, which is the equivalent of a 14-story tower block and is capable of 15,880 mph, has not been subjected to adequate testing.

According to Putin’s official news agency TASS, “even a truncated LCI [flight development tests] would require several more launches, including via the South Pole, and assuming all launches are successful.”

Although it was quickly censored from the paper, this South Pole assertion is still accessible in cached copies. As Putin gets ready to use a rocket that is supposed to be his ultimate nuclear strike weapon against NATO nations—but which only seems to have had one successful flight test across Russia thus far—it is certain to cause grave concern in the West.

In an unredacted portion of the story, a defence source also told Russian state news agency TASS that “the first Sarmat regiment, consisting of a command post and several silo launchers will go on combat duty as part of the Uzhur missile formation of the Strategic Missile Forces in December of this year.”

According to a second source, the regiment is now serving in the Krasnoyarsk area of Siberia on “experimental combat duty.”

However, the first insider acknowledged that the despot feels embarrassed since the Putin fifth generation missile tests are behind schedule and “have not yet been completed.” There has only been one completely verified successful test, which took place in April 2022. The missile’s command centre and launch silos are now placed on “combat duty” in the Siberian Krasnoyarsk area, although “development tests of the missile will continue.”


“The Sarmat flight tests are currently being carried out from the Plesetsk spaceport to the Kura training ground in Kamchatka,” according to TASS. As the news before it was banned said, Putin will eventually need to test his new nuclear toy by flying it over the South Pole. In order to hit the West, the monstrous hypersonic missile must pass over either the North or South Poles, rendering it impervious to air defence systems.

The Makeyev missile design bureau in Miass is “solving the task of equipping the first missile regiment with the Sarmat complex at the main facility of the Strategic Missile Forces,” according to remarks made by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu last month. He looked over the production line.

In an assertion made last month, Putin stated that the inventors of the Sarmat “super heavy missile” had “finished work.” “We just need to finish some of the procedures in a purely administrative and bureaucratic way, and move on to mass production and put them on combat duty,” stated Putin, adding that the project was already more than a year behind schedule. “And we will do this in the near future.” He stated roughly the same thing eleven months ago.

He declared at the time that “Sarkat ICBMs will be put on combat duty for the first time in the near future.” “We know there will be a certain delay in time but this does not change our plans.”

The Voevoda, or Satan, missile, which has been in use since the 1980s, is scheduled to be replaced by the Sarmat-Satan-2 complex. The R-36M2 Voevoda missile underwent a minimum of 17 tests during the Cold War prior to being deployed in battle. Although there has only been one verified Sarmat-Satan-2 test thus far, Putin clearly wants to launch it over the pristine South Pole.

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