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India’s AI skilled workforce: Ranked among the top 5 countries

Over the last seven years, India has witnessed a whopping fourteen-fold increase in the number of individuals claiming proficiency in AI.

India is making quite the splash in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). The nation has now joined the leading pack of top five global countries that are home to professionals skilled in AI. AI, in essence, is the technology that empowers computers to learn and perform tasks independently. 

Over the last seven years, India has witnessed a whopping fourteen-fold increase in the number of individuals claiming proficiency in AI. This illustrates the rapidly growing interest in this advanced technology among Indians. 


Indian workforce reports a noticeable increase in AI

Here’s an interesting statistic: Nearly half of the Indian workforce reports a noticeable increase in AI utilization at their workplaces over the past year. Consequently, six out of ten employees believe that acquiring AI skills could significantly enhance their career prospects. This belief is particularly strong among the younger generation, specifically Generation Z. 

Looking ahead, a large number of Indians are keen on expanding their digital skillset, with a special focus on AI and machine learning. These are highly sought-after skills that can unlock a world of possibilities in the digital domain. 

The ‘Future of Work: State of Work @ AI’ study places India among the top countries for learning AI skills, sharing this prestigious group with nations like Singapore, Finland, Ireland, and Canada. 

Wondering how AI fits into the everyday job scene? The relevance of AI skills is not limited to tech roles. In fact, professionals across diverse sectors – from retail and education to banking – are finding ways to leverage AI for improved efficiency. 


An intriguing observation was that the introduction of the AI tool, ChatGPT, sparked a surge in AI familiarity among Indians. It seems this tool has played a role in fostering interest in AI. 

The report underscores the importance of skills like creativity and problem-solving in the workforce. In India, business leaders place a high value on AI skills. Interestingly, many believe that creativity and problem-solving abilities can greatly enhance their job performance. 

AI is set to revolutionize certain job roles. Software developers, customer service representatives, and sales professionals are expected to increasingly incorporate AI in their functions. However, certain occupations, such as oil industry workers and nurses, may not see much impact from AI. 

In a nutshell, India’s AI game is on point! The country is harnessing the power of intelligent computing to transform various job sectors. And this is only the beginning – the future holds even more exciting possibilities!

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