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Instagram reels are changing the way people purchase for fashion and beauty in India

Indian users turn to Indian content creators for reliable information and reviews.

India’s beauty purchases are dominated by Instagram, highlighting the influence of social media on this segment of the market. According to nine out of ten customers polled by the consumer research firm, Meta’s Facebook and Instagram account for the most searches for beauty products.

About 47% of customers said they learned about beauty goods through Instagram reels, which indicates that Instagram reels have the biggest impact on buying decisions, according to the Meta GWI. Remarkably, one out of every three beauty goods examined are bought from Instagram clips. Meta has also made available the fashion buying data.

In June of this year, almost 2,000 customers in 74 cities, ranging in age from 6 to 64, participated in the poll. On Monday, Meta released two distinct assessments that mapped customer behaviour for the fashion and cosmetics sectors.


A significant increase in internet trade

Since COVID-19, there has been a notable increase in internet trade as customers feel more at ease making purchases online. The demand for items in the beauty and personal care categories has increased due to the online marketplace’s reach, which has emerged as the most effective way to sell these products.

Compared to pre-COVID levels, 68 percent of beauty customers now choose online bargains, indicating a major shift in consumer choice following the pandemic. But it’s important to remember that 80% of beauty businesses are active on social media, and 92% of respondents found them there. Of them, 47% found them on Instagram reels, the Meta platform. Approximately 33% of those who participated in the poll stated they make weekly online purchases of cosmetics.

The results of the survey showed that Indians are heavily reliant on influencers since they view information produced by influencers to be very interesting. Indian users still turn on Indian content providers for reliable information and reviews, even with the substantial rise in the number of content creators worldwide. According to the research, seeing Indian influencers has an impact on product purchases for 7 out of 10 viewers of beauty content and 2 out of 3 viewers of fashion video.

According to the study, the absence of reviews may be just as detrimental as negative ones, highlighting the significance of influencers.

Concurrently, 76% of fashion buyers find fashion businesses on social media, with a noteworthy 97% finding them on meta platforms, with 52% attributing their discovery to Instagram reels.

Remarkably, 39% went on to buy after discovering them on reels.

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