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Some fantastic, tried-and-true methods to end boredom during the “G20 lockdown”

The theatres and restaurants in the New Delhi’s regulated area will be closed, but here's something to liven up your dry weekend.

It is advisable to plan ahead if you intend to spend this weekend in downtown Delhi during the G20 Summit.

For this high-profile event, where world leaders including US President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and others will attend, Delhi Traffic Police has put in place strict security measures.

 “G20 lockdown” blues

New Delhi residents have been wondering about some typical topics in light of the G20 conference, like what is open and what is closed. For the Delhi audience, pretty much everything will be inoperable. Well, here is everything you need to know to enjoy yourself at home and end those  “G20 lockdown” blues.

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1. Play a wild game of cards-

You now possess a gorgeous deck of personalised playing cards. What’s next? You can put it on your display shelf carefully and quietly, giving it the occasional glimpse to remind you that it is actually yours.

For the most part the emphasis of this list is on traditional card games that have stood the test of time in some way, from Uno to Rummy to wild bets of Poker, we’ve already covered it all during the 2020 session.

If you’re missing the crisp, papery feel of playing cards, it’s now the perfect time to take it out of the box.

2. Cook your way to greater health-

Watching batter bubble up, slipping a spatula underneath, and turning it has a certain ecstatic quality. One of those meals that you can prepare for hours on end without thinking, which may or may not add to your health, but let’s try something healthy this time!

The cuisine that you prepare with another person is the most enjoyable to prepare. Any dish we make and share with a friend, lover, or member of my family, is something we enjoy. Something about preparing and cooking the meal together makes it so much more enjoyable. Whether cooking sattu parantha, chilla, or scrambled eggs, they’re all healthy substitutions and deserving of a shot in this posh lockdown.

3. Experience the world through cinema-

Maybe it’s time to watch the classic Kapoor & Sons with your mother if you’re feeling guilty about missing out on some quality time together. You may also simply surprise your loved one later on in the evening with a cozy setup and a bucket of popcorn.

4. Pick up that guitar-

Nothing hurts more when your dream guitar becomes a show piece.

Disconnect from your inner critic. That voice in your head that accuses you of wrongdoing? It’s acceptable to play meaningless notes while in exploration mode to hear what sounds emerge.

Exploration will lead to learning as an outcome. Continue to be inquisitive and push the limits of your knowledge. Eventually, you might wish to learn how to read music or have some understanding of music theory, but keep in mind that none of these things are necessary in order to enjoy playing the guitar.

5. Behold the breathtaking sunrise-

The daily struggle of getting up early in order to arrive at work on time takes a toll on early morning activities, which can be as simple as watching a sunrise with your significant other while sipping coffee or your favourite beverage. However, the ideal time has come; schedule your early morning with a magnificent sunrise.

Spending quality time at home with our loved ones makes life even simpler since it gives our minds and bodies the well-deserved breathing space they need. While India prepares for the big event, sit back and enjoy. Happy weekend!

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