Medical malpractice scandal unveiled in Delhi: Four detained in fatal surgical procedures

In a shocking revelation of medical malpractice in Delhi, four individuals, including a fake doctor, were detained for fatal surgical procedures. Authorities uncover a web of negligence and falsified documents

In Delhi, the capital of India, a startling incidence of medical carelessness has been discovered where failed procedures have resulted in fatalities.

Four individuals were detained by Delhi Police on Wednesday, Nov. 15, including two physicians, a medical staff member, and a phony doctor. They were accused of participating in many procedures involving an undisclosed number of patients at the clinic located in the Greater Kailash district of south Delhi.

Three licensed physicians were taken into custody, according to Delhi Police. They included Dr. Jaspreet Singh, Dr. Neeraj Agarwal, who is said to be the director of the Agarwal Medical Centre in Greater Kailash, Agarwal’s wife Pooja, and Mahender Singh, a former lab worker.

Medical operations gone wrong that were purportedly performed

A woman from the Sangam Vihar neighborhood of New Delhi reportedly made a police complaint at the Greater Kailash police station on October 10. According to reports, the wife said that on September 19, she drove her husband to Agarwal Medical Centre so he could have surgery on his gallbladder.

The woman claimed to have been told that surgeon Jaspreet Singh would carry out the surgery before it happened. However, it was announced just before the procedure that Mahender Singh would be doing the operation in place of Jaspreet Singh, who was unable to show up owing to an undisclosed emergency.

In actuality, Mahender Singh was a lab technician rather than a licensed physician.

Mahender Singh, Neeraj Agarwal, and Pooja Agarwal, according to the complaint, operated on her spouse.

The patient apparently complained of discomfort when he was taken out of the operating room. He was pronounced “brought dead” when the family hurried him to the Safdarjung medical facility.

Neeraj Agarwal and three other individuals were accused by the attendants of two additional patients of performing surgery on patients’ essential organs without adhering to the correct medical protocol.

The investigation developments

Neeraj Agarwal is accused of performing surgeries with the help of unqualified individuals, including his wife and former lab technician Mahender Singh, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Chandan Chowdhary. Several of these surgeries resulted in patient deaths as a result of medical negligence.

Allegedly, Jaspreet Singh falsified his surgical notes.

“On November 1, a medical board consisting of four doctors was called to examine the medical centre and a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies were observed,” the DCP said, adding that during investigation, it was revealed that Agarwal used to prepare fake documents pertaining to the treatment and surgery of patients frequently.

Fourteen prescription papers bearing just the signatures of doctors were allegedly seized by the authorities, along with two registers that contained a list of patients who had Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) procedures performed at the clinic.

Agarwal’s home and clinic also yielded prohibited medications, unapproved injections, expired surgical blades, original prescription slips from several patients, 47 check books from various banks, 54 ATM cards, post office passbooks, and six credit card machines used at point of sale.

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