Madhya Pradesh sets up 5-member panel to frame law for journalist’s safety

The committee will be led by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department and includes Principal Secretary of Law-Legislative Affairs.

Madhya Pradesh government has formed a five-member committee to lay the framework for a law that will ensure the protection of journalists, an official source disclosed on Wednesday. This decision marks a crucial step towards safeguarding the interests of journalists within the state. 

Who is in Committee?

The committee will be led by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department. The panel also brings together legal and media professionals from several fields. This includes – The Principal Secretary of Law-Legislative Affairs, a representative from Bhopal’s Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, and a senior journalist sanctioned by the state government. Furthermore, the Secretary from the Public Relations Department will serve as the committee’s member-secretary. 


Committee Functions and Expectations:

The committee will not be functioning in isolation. They have been tasked to review and study the existing journalist protection laws across the country. In a span of just two months, they are slated to present a comprehensive report that could influence the future of journalism in Madhya Pradesh, and perhaps, the whole nation. 

The officals said, “the committee won’t operate in a bubble. They’ll spend time investigating and analyzing existing journalist protection laws around the country. And in just two short months, they’re expected to submit a comprehensive report”

This committee was initiated by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Forming a team to protect media rights in the state materialized his vision. This indicates a strong commitment to safeguarding journalists.

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