Six terrorists neutralized in Jammu and Kashmir by security forces

This operation was followed by encounters in which six terrorists were eliminated, five in Kulgam and one in Rajouri

In a notable development, the Indian Army along with the Jammu and Kashmir Police, has conducted a major operation targeting terrorist elements in the region. This operation was followed by encounters in which six terrorists neutralized, five in Kulgam and one in Rajouri. The swift and coordinated efforts of the security forces demonstrate a determined response to counter Pakistan-backed terror groups. These operations underscore the ongoing commitment to maintaining peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir.

Swift Response in Rajouri: Six terrorists neutralized Amidst Gunfight

The operation started with a firefight in Rajouri. Security forces got a clue about terrorists hiding in a house. The terrorists started shooting when approached. In the clash, one terrorist was killed. After searching the area, they found a lot of weapons like guns, grenades, and bullets. At the same time, in Kulgam, there was a long gun battle. Security forces got a tip-off that Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists were hiding in Nehama village. They surrounded the area and found five LeT terrorists. The encounter lasted for 18 hours, and all five terrorists were killed. The forces discovered many weapons like rifles and pistols after the fight.

Six terrorists neutralized
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In a significant development, security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have successfully Six terrorists neutralized. The operation, carried out jointly by the Indian Army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police, resulted in the elimination of five terrorists in Kulgam and one in Rajouri. This decisive action underscores the unwavering commitment of the security forces to combat terrorism in the region and maintain peace and stability.

Among the terrorists, two were big names in TRF, a group linked to LeT. Basit Ahmed Dar, a leader in TRF, was involved in many attacks on police and civilians. Another important figure, Momin Mir, was also killed. He was known for targeting non-locals in the Valley. These operations show that Indian security forces are ready to deal with terrorism swiftly. The recent Poonch terror attack made tensions high, but the forces responded quickly.

Six terrorists neutralized
Source: Rising Kashmir

Taking down these terrorists not only stops immediate danger but also prevents future attacks. It sends a message that terrorism will not be tolerated, and those responsible will face consequences. The bravery shown by the Indian Army, Jammu-Kashmir Police, and paramilitary forces deserves praise. Their hard work and sacrifice in fighting terrorism are important for keeping peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

As the region faces challenges, everyone needs to work together to tackle terrorism and promote peace. Only by working together can we make Jammu and Kashmir safer for everyone.

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