Indian Navy’s own ChatGPT

At a time when the world is debating the ramifications of using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, two Indian Navy officials said on Monday that they had adapted the ChatGPT program to assist the maritime force in using its institutional memory for strategic goals.

Naval Commanders Conference showcased the innovation

Captain Kshitij Saxena said, “ChatGPT has taken the world by storm because it has given flexibility and a level of interaction not seen earlier. ChatGPT or any capability or feature is developed on something called Large Language Models (LLMs). We have taken one such LLM from open source and we have kept it in our captive software and trained it for our purpose.”

Explaining the LLM’s utility for the Navy, Captain Saxena elucidated, “We have taken some technical documentation related to various equipment and training concepts of Navy and use them for training this Model. So now it has become easier for any user looking for any information in those fields, particularly for navigation.”

According to a former Navy commander, the LLMs are trained deep-learning models that read and create writing in a human-like approach. In this scenario, it will process and analyze massive amounts of multimedia data in order to draft strategies and carry out other intended tasks. However, given the debate over serious challenges the chatbot poses, such as the ability to create “hallucination” in addition to the accrued benefits that may be harvested, the potential of military application of this AI-based technology has not been exploited by armed forces around the world, a serving tri-service officer glued to next-generation technologies cautioned.

Indian Navy

Other technology demonstrations at the Conference were associated with ongoing and planned indigenous projects utilizing niche technologies in the fields of AI, Tactical Communications, Combat Management Systems, Cyber Security, Underwater Domain Awareness, and Combat Platform Integration, according to a Navy statement.

Additionally, the newly designed uniform items being introduced in Service for enhanced comfort, hygiene, and functionality, such as high absorption T-shirts, camouflage cap and jacket, high ankle shoes, and national civil dress for messes/functions, were displayed on the sidelines of the Conference, according to a Navy statement.

Indian Navy’s application of ChatGPT

The Indian Navy‘s application of ChatGPT highlights the growing significance of AI in military operations. It has the ability to change the way information is processed and strategic decisions are made. As the world debates the ethical and operational ramifications of artificial intelligence, India’s marine force is at the forefront of utilizing new technologies for national defence and security.

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