UP double murder horror: Muslim man enters home, kills two children, shot dead in encounter 

The father of the deceased children stated that he had no enmity with the accused and is clueless about why his children were murdered

In a horrifying event, a barber named Sajid, who was 22 years old, brutally murdered two young brothers with an axe in Baba Colony, Budaun, Uttar Pradesh. Sajid, who had recently started a barber shop, entered the boys’ home on a Tuesday and launched an attack on the three brothers. Two of the brothers, Ayush and Ahaan, were killed in the attack, while the third brother, Yuvraj, was severely injured and immediately taken to the hospital.

The father of the children, who has accused Sajid’s brother Javed as the primary suspect, is bewildered as to why his children were targeted. He claims that the accused had visited his home under the pretext of collecting money, mentioning his wife’s pregnancy, and then proceeded to commit the horrific act.

The local police reported that Sajid had attacked the three brothers – Ayush, Ahaan, and Yuvraj, at their home. After the attack, Ayush and Ahaan lost their lives, while Yuvraj was rushed to the hospital due to severe injuries. Later, Sajid was killed in a police encounter.

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The father of the deceased children stated that he had no enmity with the accused and is clueless about why his children were murdered. He pleaded for justice, stating that many in the locality had witnessed the incident.

Following the incident, the police found Sajid in blood-stained clothes. The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Budaun, Alok Priyadarshi, reported that Javed is currently absconding.

According to SSP Priyadarshi, Sajid entered the house around 7:30 pm on Tuesday and attacked the children who were playing on the terrace. Despite attempts by the crowd to restrain him, he managed to escape. The family alleged that the accused had demanded Rs 5,000 from the father of the deceased children.

The family informed the police that Sajid fled the scene with his brother Javed, who was waiting outside on a motorcycle. Both brothers are believed to be involved in the crime.

Budaun police conduct a flag march

In response to the ensuing chaos, the Senior Superintendent of Police ordered the deployment of security forces to maintain order. A flag march was conducted in the city on Wednesday morning by police officers and security personnel.

The police have dismissed any rumors of occult practices related to the killings and are monitoring social media to prevent the spread of such rumors. The District Magistrate of Budaun, Manoj Kumar, stated that the motive behind the murder is still unclear.

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