Love, Lies, and Murder: Man kills colleague for liking the same girl

The incident happened on August 28, 2023, after a fight between Anish and Mahesh over a woman they both liked

The Delhi Police have found a carefully planned murder involving a senior Survey of India official named Mahesh. Anish, Mahesh’s colleague, is the main suspect, accused of arranging the crime. The incident happened on August 28, 2023, after a fight between Anish and Mahesh over a woman they both liked. Anish is the only one mentioned in the chargesheet, suggesting he’s the main suspect.

According to the chargesheet, Anish spared no effort in planning the murder and covering his tracks. In the days before the crime, he carefully planned a sequence of sly actions to make it seem like he wasn’t there and confuse the investigators.

Anish’s murder plot included couriering Mahesh’s phones to Noida post-murder to evade tracking, accessing Mahesh’s WhatsApp account to post misleading statuses, sending fake messages on Mahesh’s WhatsApp and strategically leaving his own phone in Haryana’s Gohana while having a friend make calls from it to make it seem like he was there.

The chargesheet shows that Anish started planning the crime a month before because he was angry at Mahesh for liking the same girl. Anish also tricked Mahesh into giving him a lot of money by promising to help him get a government job.

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On the day of the murder, Anish executed his plan with chilling precision. He took a leave from work, travelled to his hometown in Gohana, and made up a story about needing to collect money, so people would believe he was there.

Anish lured Mahesh to a flat in RK Puram under false pretenses, where he launched a brutal attack, striking Mahesh with a wrench until he couldn’t move. Even when Mahesh seemed to be dead, Anish didn’t stop and continued to use violence to make sure Mahesh was dead.

To dispose of evidence and mislead investigators, Anish manipulated Mahesh’s phones, couriering them to Noida to make it seem like Mahesh was there and lied to Mahesh’s family about where he was. He even went as far as burying Mahesh’s body in a courtyard in RK Puram and built something over it to hide what he did.

Anish carefully planned everything, even involving his colleagues. He borrowed keys from them by lying about why he needed them. He also spread Mahesh’s things around Delhi-NCR to confuse the police. Despite what Anish did, the police were able to find evidence and charge him with murder and tampering with evidence.

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