Indian Techie Family Found Dead At Their $2.1 Million US Home, Murder-Suicide Suspected

While Anand and Alice were found dead in the bathroom with gunshot wounds, the reason for the death of the twins is not known

An Indian Techie family from Kerala, identified as Anand Sujith Henry, 42, his wife Alice Priyanka, 40, and their 4-year-old twin children Noah and Neithan, were found dead in their $2.1 million mansion in California, USA. It is suspected to be a murder-suicide case.

The discovery was made when police responded to a welfare check request from a concerned relative, who had been unable to reach anyone in the household. Upon arrival, officers found the lifeless bodies of Anand and Alice in a bathroom, both with gunshot wounds. The twin children were found deceased in a bedroom, their cause of death is still under investigation.

San Mateo Police Department stated, “Based on the information we have at this time, this appears to be an isolated incident with no danger to the public as we are confident the person responsible was located within the home.” However, the investigation remains ongoing, with authorities exploring all possible angles.

Indian Techie Family
Image: Times of India

The couple, who had been living in the United States for nine years, moved to San Mateo County from New Jersey approximately two years ago. Described as friendly, hardworking, and devoted parents, Anand, a former Software Engineering Manager at Meta and Google, and Alice, a senior analyst, had earned respect and admiration from both neighbours and colleagues.

Anand’s professional journey took an interesting turn when he founded his own artificial intelligence company, Logits, following his departure from Meta in June of the previous year. The company specialises in providing enterprises with the means to privately train and serve Generative AI models for specific business needs, attracting attention in the tech industry.

However, the couple’s marital history has raised questions, as records suggest that Anand had filed for divorce in December 2016, although the divorce did not proceed. Reports also suggest that the family had moved several times across San Francisco before settling in their current residence. Authorities revealed having responded to calls at the residence on multiple occasions following the family’s relocation, although details of those incidents remain undisclosed.

With no suicide note found at the scene, the motive behind this suspected murder-suicide remains unknown. The San Mateo County’s Criminal Investigation Bureau, along with the San Mateo County Coroner, continues to work to collect evidence and piece together the sequence of events leading to the death of the Henry family.

The case bears an eerie resemblance to a recent case where a wealthy Indian-origin couple and their teenage daughter were found deceased in their $5 million mansion in Massachusetts.

As the investigation goes on, people are waiting for answers and closure. Also, there’s worry because recently, in the past month, at least seven Indian-origin people were found dead in the US. Eric Garcetti, the US envoy to India, promised to keep Indian students and residents safe in America.

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