Pune is now world’s most affected city by Pandemic with over 100k active cases of COVID-19, followed by Mumbai

India is now recording highest number of daily active cases in the world with Maharashtra providing 50% of them despite partial lockdown and top 10 Indian states contributing 92% of these cases.

It’s all over 2020 back again but in a more deadlier manner, especially in the case of rising cases across India that the country is breaking all records of pandemic with its second wave.

With Maharashtra witnessing an increase in daily Covid-19 cases, the state government has announced a “strict lockdown” over the weekends. The weekend lockdown will start from today 8 pm and be in place till Monday 7 am.

The government has also enforced a night curfew in the state from 8 pm to 7 am daily when only essential services will be allowed to function.

Most states are now back with restricitons including UP, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Delhi etc but the way government is dealing this situation is not at all comendable.

The gatherings have been banned on paper but on ground there are no SOPs followed, the authorities claim strict action against defaulters rather people are even escaping quarantines by bribing officials.

It seems like now the people are literally being left for themselves, on a condition that they take vaccine jabs which too is age-limited due to less stock.

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