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WhatsApp introduces chat filters to simplify message management

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of META, revealed this functionality on his official WhatsApp channel

WhatsApp introduce a new feature

WhatsApp, a well-known messaging service, has released a significant feature that will enable users to filter their discussions and swiftly identify the most crucial chats and messages: Chat Filters. All users who installed the most recent versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android can access the functionality. chat filters are intended to make it easier for users to locate important messages in their chat history.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of META, revealed this functionality on his official channel. It is actively developing several new features to enhance user experience. The Meta-owned platform claims that users will find it simpler to discover their discussions more quickly and precisely with the help of this new feature.

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The top of the user’s chat list will provide three filters that they can select from. ‘All’, ‘Unread’, and ‘Groups’ are these filters. Users will see all of their messages in their inbox when using the “All” filter as the default view.

Messages that the user has either designated as unread or not opened will be displayed using the “Unread” filter.

Users will find it easier to navigate through all of their group communications when all group chats are arranged in one location thanks to the “Groups” filter. Additionally, it will display community subgroups, according to the company.

WhatsApp is also working on filters like “Contacts,” which will let users examine messages received from mobile numbers kept in their address book, according to WABetainfo (WBI), a dependable source for WhatsApp updates.

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