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This newly introduced electric car cleans the air by capturing CO2 from air while you drive, built by students

The vehicle has been named ZEM (zero emission mobility).

Imagine driving behind a diesel truck spewing clouds of smoke into the air while your new fully electric vehicle cleans up its carbon emissions. This dream may soon be a reality. A team of 35 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands has created a Zero Emission Mobility (ZEM) vehicle – a fully electric, battery-powered EV that captures carbon dioxide (CO2) as it drives.

This, according to its own creators, could change the world’s perception of mobility for years to come in a sporty all-electric cr from the Netherlands resembling a BMW coupe, but unique.


Called ZEM, for zero emission mobility, the two-seater houses a Cleantron lithium-ion battery pack, and most of its parts are 3D-printed from recycled plastics, Lahaije said.

The target is to minimize carbon dioxide emitted during the car’s full lifespan, from manufacturing to recycling, he added.

ZEM uses two filters that can capture up to 2 kilograms (4.41 lb) of CO2 over 20,000 miles of driving, the Eindhoven team estimated. They imagine a future when filters can be emptied at charging stations.

Furthermore, and seeing the success of the vehicle, the Dutch university has proposed to the student team to patent under their CO2 capture filter. Increase its absorption capacity in the coming years and be able to manufacture and sell them to large automobile manufacturers,


The electric car is designed as a vehicle with a sporty appearance and with a single passenger compartment adapted for two passengers. The team says there is room for improvement in both design and construction, as the project focused solely on their ability to capture CO2.

A major problem, however, has been the cost of implementing this technology. If the team building ZEM can partner with governments and private companies to bring the carbon-capture filter used in their EV to the mass market, it could help make a significant difference in the transportation industry.

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