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IIT-Mandi pioneers development of quantum computer harnessing photons for computing

As part of the National Quantum Mission, the computer under development is distinct in its capacity to analyze data and propose solutions with an 86 percent accuracy, all without relying on traditional algorithms.

IIT-Mandi is in the process of developing a pioneering quantum computer that utilizes photons for computing, as per official reports. This indigenous room-temperature quantum computer is part of the National Quantum Mission and distinguishes itself by analyzing data and suggesting solutions with an impressive 86 percent accuracy, all without relying on traditional algorithms.

Quantum computing, an increasingly advancing technology, leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to solve problems that are too intricate for classical computers.

C S Yadav, the chairperson of the Center for Quantum Science and Technologies (CQST) at IIT-Mandi, stated that the team is constructing a room-temperature optical quantum computer capable of instantly solving feature learning and classification problems. With a sophisticated user interface, quantum simulator, and processing capabilities, this computer will function as a graphics processor (GPU), seamlessly processing inputs like videos or photographs. It will extract a model to explain hidden dynamics in input data and deliver output as quantum live feed.

Yadav emphasized that while composing a quantum algorithm is a tedious process, their computer will mimic the inquisitive mind of a scientist, rapidly suggesting an approximate theoretical model for unknown big data with an 86 percent accuracy, all without relying on algorithms.

Regarding the existing landscape of quantum computing, Yadav noted that companies like Google and IBM have developed their quantum computers based on a superconducting Josephson junction qubit, which requires extremely low temperatures. The objective of IIT-Mandi’s project is to create a photon-based quantum computer that operates at room temperature.

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