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Microsoft was ready to spend billions to break Google’s monopoly, says Satya Nadella

Microsoft was prepared to take on billions of dollars in short-term losses for Bing to pay Apple enough to make its search engine the default on Apple products, Nadella said.

Online search has long been synonymous with Google, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by tech rivals like Microsoft. In the most recent turn of events Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, spoke in a federal antitrust trial against Google, describing the dominance of Google’s search engine and the challenges it presents for competitors. 

In his testimony, Nadella revealed the enormity of Google’s monopoly over the market, asserting, “Everybody talks about the open web, but there is really the Google web.” His statement pinpoints the reality that online publishers and advertisers conformed to Google’s guidelines in order to gain visibility, making it difficult for competitors to secure a position in the market. 

Microsoft’s Attempt to Break Google’s Monopoly

Nadella also shared that Microsoft had offered billion of dollars to Apple, in an attempt to replace Google as the default search engine on Apple devices. The company intended to replace the revenue Apple derived from Google for being the default engine and also cover the potential risks Apple would incur upon this transition. 

“Microsoft was prepared to take on billions of dollars in short-term losses for Bing to pay Apple enough to make its search engine the default on Apple products, Nadella testified.”

Additionally, Nadella indicated that multiple efforts were made during his time as CEO to manifest this transition from Google to Bing. He maintained his belief in overcoming the initial hurdles echoing Apple’s own successful transition with its Maps application, which despite the initial criticism, became popular primarily because it was the default on all Apple devices. 

Microsoft’s $100 Billion Persistent Pursuit in the Search Market

Despite being a “very, very low-share player,” in the general search market, Nadella emphasized on Microsoft’s commitment to continue in the sector. Highlighting that Bing has become profitable, Microsoft is deliberately waiting for the right opportunity to disrupt the market, a “paradigm shift.” 

“It’s a hard game to make any breakthroughs, but no one can accuse us of not being persistent,” Nadella said.

The CEO also revealed the significant investment which amounted to approximately $100 billion over the past two decades, reflecting upon Microsoft’s persistence in a highly-core concentrated sector. 

Moreover, Nadella suggested that their persistent efforts are not futile, for they have seen some success on the desktop version due to the ability to set Bing as the default system on the Edge browser. Although, he confessed that Google still remains the most queried term on Bing. 

However, Nadella did admit that the inability to force through a breakthrough in mobile search was due to insufficient investment and allocation of resources in comparison to Google. 

Microsoft vs. Google, The AI Dataset Challenge

As AI is becoming more prevalent, Nadella expressed his concerns about Google using its powerful market position to hinder potentials for rivals. Despite Microsoft’s leading presence in the domain with integrations of cutting-edge AI technologies into Bing, he fears being denied access to key datasets essential for training AI technology. 


“I worry a lot, even in spite of my enthusiasm, that there is a new angle with AI,” Nadella said.

Overall, Microsoft’s ambitions and their determination to break Google’s monopoly present an interesting perspective into the ongoing legal battle, as the internet giant continues its efforts to achieve a fair and competitive market environment.

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