Battlegrounds Mobile India launch confirmed officially, here is what you can expect from PUBG remake

Even though gameplay and other related details are yet to be revealed, the privacy policy and terms of service for the game, published under its new website by Krafton, have revealed a number of key details.

PUBG Mobile India is officially called Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton announced on Thursday. To recall, PUBG Mobile India was announced back in November, but the game’s release met with several delays due to the government’s ban on Chinese apps. The game which will be available only in India will give users a multiplayer gaming experience.

In an attempt to rid the PUBG image, the game will now be called Battlegrounds Mobile India, and Krafton has revealed a few key details about the game.

According to the Battlegrounds Mobile India privacy policy, gamers under the age of 18 will only be able to play the game for a maximum of three hours per day. Krafton has also restricted the maximum spending limit in the game down to Rs 7,000 per day.

The two limits likely seek to address controversies that had surrounded PUBG Mobile prior to its ban, in terms of the levels of addiction that it stirred among gamers playing the title in the country.

The trailer does not reveal much, but it will make PUBG Mobile players reminisce their much-loved game. That is because it shows the players jumping off a plane and into the battle arena. The parachutes are the same, and the character outfits are the same, and so is the background score on the video. It is the music that PUBG Mobile players will fondly recollect listening to while waiting for the game to load.

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