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Tech Industry face turmoil as 31% of women to depart due to management issues and training gaps

The Women in Tech survey by Skillsoft was conducted online between September 2023 and January 2024, gathering over 500 detailed responses from women holding tech positions in the industry

Skillsoft’s annual ‘Women in Tech’ report

The tech world is in turmoil and the main reason behind this is the potential exodus of women from the tech industry as the female employees  desire for more training opportunities and the need for better compensation. This insight is drawn from Skillsoft’s annual ‘Women in Tech’ report, as reported by the Economic Times.

When questioned about their motivations for considering a job change, 40% of respondents pointed to issues with department or company management as the primary concern. Another 39% highlighted the lack of opportunities for training and advancement, while only 26% mentioned compensation as a significant factor influencing their decision.Only a mere 27% of women working in the tech sector expressed high levels of job satisfaction. Most women venturing into tech careers are prioritizing education, seeking mentorship, and developing essential power skills.

Orla Daly, Skillsoft’s Chief Information Officer, highlighted findings from our survey, indicating that 85% of respondents recognize a gender gap in their teams, with 38% feeling dissatisfied with their opportunities for growth. 

Daly stated, “We’re at a tipping point where the risk of attrition threatens to significantly widen an already prominent gender gap in the tech industry.” 

“While there are more opportunities for women than ever before, leaders must provide intentional support and foster the development of critical skills so that they can thrive, lead, and push the business forward.” Daly warns that we’re approaching a critical moment where the risk of losing talent could exacerbate the existing gender disparity in the tech sector.

The Women in Tech survey by Skillsoft was conducted online between September 2023 and January 2024, gathering over 500 detailed responses from women holding tech positions in the industry. The survey uncovered a major challenge facing women in tech careers: the absence of adequate training, especially in areas like cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI (GenAI). When asked what tech topic they’re most interested in, 41% of respondents chose AI. Surprisingly, despite this interest, three in five respondents aren’t using AI at their jobs yet. Among those who are, 63% feel they lack sufficient training and resources to effectively incorporate AI into their work.

Daly further added, “The involvement and empowerment of women in AI is essential to ensuring the technology is designed and implemented in ways that are equitable and inclusive.” 

Image: IndiaTimes

“Diversity fosters innovation, and therefore advancing women’s skills in AI can lead to the development of more creative and equitable solutions to business problems,” Daly said. 

Apart from AI, women in the tech field are particularly keen on enhancing their expertise in leadership and management (37%) and project management (23%). When considering areas for improvement, respondents highlighted their dissatisfaction with managerial support (29%), current salary (28%), and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts (25%).

As per the report, 36% of respondents mentioned that they have enhanced their tech skills through certifications. Half of these women in tech believe that certifications boost their confidence, while one-third feel they gain greater trust and credibility from their colleagues as a result.

These survey  findings highlight the underlying importance of addressing issues like inadequate training, gender disparity, and job satisfaction in the tech industry. Investing in education, mentorship, and skill development can empower women to thrive and contribute effectively in tech roles, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

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