Modi 3.0: BJP manifesto details plan to make India a global manufacturing powerhouse

During its two successive five-year mandates, the BJP-led government has led various attempts to improve the manufacturing sector over the previous decade

India into a worldwide manufacturing powerhouse

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) manifesto has extravagant goals to convert India into a worldwide manufacturing powerhouse during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s likely third term. The manifesto promises expansion throughout all sectors of the manufacturing industry, with the goal of creating countless job opportunities and boosting economic growth.

The party intends to continue investing in infrastructure for job creation, citing unprecedented investment in infrastructure as the source of many job prospects. Work will be done to expand job possibilities in manufacturing and tourism.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will implement “next generation of reforms” with the goal of making India the world’s third largest economy, global manufacturing powerhouse, according to its manifesto ‘Modi ki Guarantee 2024’, which was unveiled Sunday. The manifesto stated that it will continue to focus on fiscal prudence and measures to transform India into a global manufacturing hub, create high-value jobs, improve infrastructure, and expand credit programmes, including doubling the Mudra loan limit.

“Our policies have resulted in Bharat becoming the 5th largest economy. We will build upon this foundation in the next five years to launch our country on the path to Viksit Bharat by 2047…we guarantee that Bharat will be the 3rd largest economic power,” it said.

The BJP’s manifesto, or Sankalp Patra, promises to expand the startup environment to tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The manifesto emphasizes the importance of infrastructure, stating that there will be a focus on modern road networks, improved rail and metro connectivity with new-age trains, the development of comprehensive EV charging stations, the construction of new airports, and the advancement of telecom infrastructure with affordable 5G and innovative 6G technology.

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Key Highlights:

  1. Global Manufacturing Hub: The manifesto aims to build on the success of the “Make in India” project, focusing on areas such as electronics, defense, and autos with the goal of establishing India as a worldwide manufacturing hub.
  2. Product Nation: The BJP intends to combine India’s engineering and design talents with manufacturing to make the country into a major product development and manufacturing hub.
  3. Industrial Infrastructure: According to the manifesto, the BJP will build industrial cities along several corridors to encourage industrialization and inclusive growth in undeveloped areas, based on PM-Gatishakti values.
  4. Food Processing Industry: Plans are underway to build advanced smart food processing centers to assure quality and efficiency throughout the food supply chain, hence strengthening India’s position in global food value chains.
  5. Key and Emerging Industries: The manifesto emphasizes the shift to sustainable manufacturing techniques in key industries such as steel and cement. It also focuses on boosting defense industry, creating global hubs for railways, aviation, and shipbuilding, and improving the pharmaceutical, electronics, and semiconductor sectors.
  6. Electric Vehicles and Textiles: The BJP intends to help the automobile industry’s transition to electric vehicles, including the development of a national EV charger infrastructure. It also intends to support the conventional textile industry by investing in research and modernizing infrastructure.
  7. Strategic and Innovative Sectors: The manifesto includes support for exploring and processing rare earths and strategic minerals, expanding the lab-grown diamond industry, and establishing bio-manufacturing centers as part of a transition to a green economy.

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