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American YouTuber ‘IShowSpeed’ arrives in India to support Virat Kohli

The YouTuber came to India to watch the India v Pakistan match in the ICC World Cup at Ahmedabad and support Virat Kohli.

Fans were surprised to wake up one day and find out that their favourite YouTuber, the 18-year-old American internet sensation ‘IShowSpeed’ is in India to watch the India v Pakistan match which is on the 14th of October. The YouTuber, when asked about the reason for him coming here, said that he has come here to meet and support Virat Kohli during the India v Pakistan at the Narendra Modi Stadium at Ahmedabad.

When interviewed by HT City, IShowSpeed said, “I am here because of Virat Kohli,” he mentions the 34-year-old Indian cricketer, “I want to see India beat Pakistan in the World Cup match tomorrow! I will be there at the stadium. I don’t follow cricket back home, but I follow Kohli. I want to meet him, and I am also excited to meet the Tunak Tunak guy (Daler Mehndi), I am just very excited bruh!”

IShowSpeed came to the limelight because of his energetic live streams along with his crazy sense of humour and passion which has made him one of the most popular YouTubers, with his second highest followers coming from India. This happened after one of his live stream went viral where he was seen vibing and dancing to ‘Tunak Tunak’ by Daler Mehndi. “People have just been telling me ‘come to India’, so here I am. I am here to see what India is all about. India has this energy and I can’t wait for it to come out. I am bringing mine out too, and I can’t wait for the two to mix,” said IshowSpeed in the interview.

When asked about his approach to life, he said, “Yes my stuff goes viral, but I don’t have time to really think about it, life moves with so much speed. It’s an amazing feeling, I feel blessed to wake up each day. You care about those people, and they in turn care about you, it’s like a brother-sister thing. That’s what keeps me going. They don’t even know my real name (Darren Jason Watkins Jr.), they just like calling me speed, it has stuck. People ask me about the secret behind my energy, but it’s just always been there like this!”

Speed was also spotted playing cricket amongst a huge crowd where he bowled as well as batted. He also slyly trolled Babar Azam as he compared himself to Azam after missing a few shots.

This isn’t the first time when Speed has manifested meeting his favourite sportspersons as earlier this year, the YouTuber met his favourite footballer Cristiano Ronaldo too. That picture alone currently stands with more than 10 million likes on Instagram. Meanwhile his YouTube follower count is currently at 20.6 million.

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