NASA’s Juno probe shows amazing pictures of Jupiter and its storms up close

NASA released breathtaking new pictures taken by Juno, revealing the presence of mighty storms encircling Jupiter.

The wonders of the universe never cease to captivate us, and NASA’s Juno mission has recently shared a spellbinding glimpse of the majestic planet Jupiter. Through a series of stunning images, akin to abstract watercolor paintings, the mission has unveiled the awe-inspiring storms swirling around this gas giant.

On Monday, NASA treated the world to these extraordinary images captured by its Juno spacecraft. The visuals showcased powerful storms encircling Jupiter, transforming its surface into a canvas of dynamic patterns and hues. These mesmerizing pictures were taken by Juno during its 24th flyby of Jupiter’s gas giant in July 2019, from a vantage point just 14,600 miles (23,500 km) above the planet’s cloud tops.


The Juno spacecraft, named after the Roman goddess who could see through clouds, has been a vital player in our quest to understand the enigmatic Jupiter. Its remarkable journey began in 2011 when it embarked on a five-year voyage through space to reach its destination. Juno’s primary goal is to explore Jupiter’s composition, gravity field, magnetic field, and polar magnetosphere, shedding light on the planet’s origins and evolution.

This particular set of images provides a captivating view of Jupiter’s northern hemisphere, showcasing storms that appear as intricate works of art. The swirls of blue and white evoke a sense of wonder, akin to gazing upon a celestial masterpiece. These storms, driven by Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere and immense gravitational forces, present a mesmerizing ballet of natural phenomena on a colossal scale.

Taking to social media platform Instagram, NASA shared insights about this celestial encounter. The agency revealed that Juno had captured storms on Jupiter’s northern hemisphere during its 24th close pass of the gas giant. This close encounter allowed the spacecraft to capture intricate details of the storms in unprecedented clarity, revealing the intricate patterns and dynamics of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Juno’s journey continues to be a source of amazement for space enthusiasts and scientists alike. Since its arrival at Jupiter in 2016, the spacecraft has been orbiting the planet tirelessly, collecting data and sending back a wealth of information that is expanding our understanding of this captivating world. By studying Jupiter’s atmosphere, composition, magnetic field, and gravitational forces, Juno contributes significantly to our broader understanding of not only this gas giant but also the formation and dynamics of other similar celestial bodies in our universe.


As humanity continues to explore and marvel at the wonders of space, the Juno mission serves as a shining example of our determination to uncover the mysteries of the cosmos. With each new image and piece of data, we inch closer to comprehending the intricacies of Jupiter and the broader universe in which it resides.

In conclusion, NASA’s Juno mission has once again captivated the world with its awe-inspiring images of Jupiter’s storms. These visuals offer us a glimpse into the dynamic and intricate nature of this gas giant, underscoring the importance of exploration and discovery in expanding our knowledge of the universe. NASA to retire the International Space Station by 2031, plans to crash it into Pacific Ocean

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