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India sees hottest month of march in recorded history of 122 years, 71% rain deficit

India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the rise in head was due to climate change, weather changes could go extreme.

India experienced the hottest March in its recorded history of 122 years since 1901, revealed the India Meteorological Department (IMD). March 2022 surpassed the all-time average maximum temperature of March 2010.

The average rainfall over the country was also found to be 71% less than its Long Period Average (LPA) during the month, as per the reports.

While the average maximum was observed at 33.10ºC (which was 1.86ºC above normal), the average minimum temperature of 20.24ºC was the third highest with a difference of 1.37ºC, the reports said. The mean temperature was second highest with anomaly 1.61ºC since 1901.

The observations are against the normal of 31.24ºC, 18.87ºC and 25.06ºC based on period 1981-2010, as per the report.

March witnessed two spells of heatwaves, the first between March 11 and March 21 while second started on March 26 and is still continuing. OP Sreejith, head, climate monitoring and prediction group, IMD, Pune, told Hindustan Times that the absence of rainfall is one reason for this severe heat.

“Globally also, the hottest years have been among the last two decades. Climate change is impacting severe weather intensity and duration, even in India — be it in terms of heatwaves, cyclone intensity or even heavy rainfall,” Rajendra Jenamani, scientist, National Weather Forecasting Centre at IMD told Times of India.

Over the years dry spells had become longer in some instances while extreme rain have got bigger and hot spells have become hotter.

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