Rahul Gandhi turns ‘coolie’ at the Anand Vihar ISBT

The visit happens after a few porters appealed Gandhi to go see them so he could learn about their problems and work to improve them.

Rahul Gandhi paid a surprise visit to the Anand Vihar Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) on Thursday morning. The Congress politician can be seen in an online video being smothered by coolies while wearing the coolie outfit and carrying luggage on his head.

Coolies cheered “Rahul Gandhi zindabad” as Gandhi was seen in the film holding a blue luggage on his head. The top Congress official went to Anand Vihar to see the porters and have a lengthy conversation with them about the problems they encounter.

This happens after a few porters appealed Gandhi to go see them so he could learn about their problems and work to improve them.

Rahul Gandhi’s previous trips-

The Congress leader had previously taken people by surprise with similar trips.

Gandhi walked from Old Delhi to the Bengali bazaar for food. He was seen in Old Delhi, close to Jama Masjid, enjoying meals. Additionally, he went to Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi to speak with candidates for the civil service and to discuss the best government employment.Gandhi also paid a surprise visit to Sonipat in Haryana and spent time with farmers there. Additionally, he operated a tractor, helped plant seeds in Sonipat’s farms, and ate food prepared by female labour. . He had previously met a bunch of delivery people in Bengaluru, even riding one of their scooters.

People were impressed by his prior visit to the Azadpur Mandi in the nation’s capital during the tomato price explosion.

The most recent example of Rahul Gandhi’s continued efforts to interact with the public and comprehend their challenges is his visit to the Anand Vihar Railway Station

Rahul arrived there today and heard what they had to say. The party’s dedication to interacting with the populace is shown by the phrase “Bharat Jodo” journey continues. The leader of the Youth Congress, Srinivas BV, joined in as well, posting a video of Rahul Gandhi carrying baggage at a train station to the tune of “Hum Mehnatkash Is Duniya Se” from the 1983 film “Mazdoor.” He praised Rahul Gandhi as the “People’s Hero” in his post, echoing the current mood.

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