PM Modi asks BJP MPs to celebrate Rakshabandhan with Muslim women

In a recent meeting, PM suggested that the leaders of NDA should spend the festival with Muslim women.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged Bhartiya Janata Party officials to engage Muslim women during the approaching Raksha Bandhan celebration, citing how the outlawing of triple talaq has improved their sense of security. As they prepare for next year’s Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister reportedly met with National Democratic Alliance legislators from West Bengal, Odisha, and Jharkhand on Monday to discuss various central government initiatives for multiple sections of society. During this meeting, PM Modi suggested celebrating Rakhi with Muslim women.

During the meeting, several of the MPs reportedly discussed the need to interact with members of other social groups and noted that the government had made the practice of rapid divorce among Muslim men illegal. PM Modi said it improved Muslim women’s sense of security and incorporated them into the Rakhi holiday celebrations. Rakshabandhan, a celebration of the bond of brothers and sisters will fall on 30th August this year.

In 2019, the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill was approved by Parliament, making instant triple talaq an offence that might result in a prison sentence for the husband. More than 4,000 Muslim women performed Haj this year without a “mehram,” which he deemed a significant shift, as he noted in his recent “Mann ki Baat” address. He added that more people now have the chance to take part in the yearly trip as a result of adjustments his government has made to the Haj policy in recent years.

The BJP divided the NDA MPs during the Monsoon session of Parliament into groups of about 40 people based on their regions. According to reports, Modi is expected to speak to each group separately. On Monday, the first two meetings took place. Additionally, he spoke to a group of approximately 45 NDA MPs from western Uttar Pradesh up to the Kanpur-Bundelkhand region. PM asked the MPs to reach out to the general public with positive intent and asked them to spend as much time as they can in order to spread messages about the government’s work.

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