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Govt has now reserved 65% Medical seats under Quota: Next we know is general category seeking reservation

Blinded by the greed for votes in UP elections, centre is ready to throw general students under the bus. But the government claims this is a 'progressive decision'.

For a country that seeks to ‘upgrade’ its colonial education style and bring a positive change where there is no need for reservation in any sort on the basis of caste/creed and only for the EWS, the Indian government has rather decided to move backward.

Narendra Modi-led Government has approved 27% OBC and 10% EWS quota reservation to All India Quota (AIQ) seats of state-run Medical and Dental colleges alongside the already existing 15% OBC and 7.5% ST quota.

After clearing the NEET (both UG and PG) the students who clear the exam have to appear for counseling. The counseling takes place at both the central and state level. As many as 50% of PG and 15% of all UG seats come under the central quota or AIQ.

Even though taken on the basis of SC judgment a while back, it is clear that BJP’s out-of-the-blue decision on caste-based reservation comes under the shadow of UP Assembly elections where the demographics of the voters are quite diverse and political parties like BSP & SP heavily depend on the SC/ST/OBC votes.

But the question is for the sake of winning elections in a state, is the government trying to lure the lower caste voters by such tactics and throwing the general category students under the bus?

As clear as it seems, there are major problems with the Educational policies of this country that let the future of the entire country’s students go down the drain just because the ruling political party seeks to win majority support in Elections.

Irrespective of the increase in the number of seats and colleges in the country since 2014, the population has seen a sharp jump as well but seems like the central government is blinded by the greed of votes in the next assembly elections.

These reservations not only should be of less % but they really need to focus only on Economically Weaker Sections instead of Castes otherwise it not only gives rise to caste-based discrimination but leads to crimes which later on are fired back on the government who flamed them with such schemes, policies, and quotas, further dividing Indians.

These reservations not only should be of less % but they really need to focus only on Economically Weaker Sections instead of Castes because most of these times a poor general category student is seen suffering for education while rich quota category students being given all the grants and unsolicited help.

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