Siang river barrage plan revealed by Arunachal Chief Minister to counter Chinese dam

Pema Khandu, the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh, told the state assembly that failure by India to stop China from constructing a massive dam on the Yarlung Tsangpo River in Tibet’s Medog region will result in environmental catastrophes, including floods, for his state and neighbour Assam.

According to the report, Chief Minister Pema Khandu informed about the Centre’s proposed move to construct a barrage to deal with potential hazards posed by China’s dam that would generate 60,00 MW of power. He stated this while responding to a Zero Hour discussion initiated by Congress member Lombo Tayeng in the Arunachal Assembly that concluded yesterday. Khandu described the impending dangers the Siang River will face after China’s project is finished.

Before becoming the Siang and entering Arunachal Pradesh, the Tsangpo passes through Tibet. Before emptying into the Bay of Bengal, it becomes the Brahmaputra in Assam and the Jamuna in Bangladesh.

The Chief Minister said during a Zero hour discussion held by Congress MLA Lombo Tayeng, “ The Indian government has raised objections over repercussions to Siang as a result of China’s project. If this happens, what will be the condition of the Siang? The river may shrink because water is diverted.. we may able to cross it on foot. In case of excess water, we need to have big structures to protect ourselves from floods. The centre too has expressed concern and plans to build a barrage so we can keep Siang alive.” Khandu warned Bangladesh could also be affected by the dam’s cascading effects.

According to a report the Arunachal Chief minister said, “We have to keep Siang alive. If there is the diversion of water by China, the dimension of Siang will be reduced, or if water comes in large volumes, it will create massive floods in the Siang valley and downstream areas in neighbouring Assam and Bangladesh.” As per the reports, Chief Minister Pema Khandu will be visiting Siang Valley today to review the survey work for the barrage.

Congress Tayeng voiced worry about the impending disaster and urged the appropriate authorities to treat the Siang Valley floods as a national calamity and implement effective prevention measures.

The Yarlung Tsangpo River originates in Manasarovar Lake and flows through Tibet for almost 1600 kilometres before turning southeast and passing by Namcha Barwa peak before entering our country at Gelling in Arunachal Pradesh. Before entering Assam, where it is given the name Brahmaputra, the river travels about 300 kilometres over the Siang, Upper Siang, and East Siang districts under the name Siang.

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