Google CEO Sundar Pichai reveals top trending Diwali questions: ‘Why Rangoli?’ takes center stage

From Top Diwali Queries to Strategic Growth: A Festive Exchange of Greetings Reveals Tech Leaders' Global Impact and Cultural Awareness

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet and Google, extended warm Diwali greetings to everyone celebrating the festival. He took to his X handle to share the top “why” questions people around the world were asking about Diwali traditions. Pichai posted a GIF featuring a lamp with numbers 1-5, representing the top trending queries. Tapping on each number revealed specific questions that users were eager to find answers for.

The top five searches included questions such as “Why do Indians celebrate Diwali,” “Why do we do rangoli on Diwali,” “Why do we light lamps on Diwali,” “Why is Lakshmi puja done on Diwali,” and “Why oil bath on Diwali.” This insight into global curiosity reflects the widespread interest in understanding the significance behind Diwali traditions.


Pichai’s post garnered responses from users on X, with one wishing him a joyous Diwali filled with love and light. Another user inquired about the absence of a Google Doodle for Diwali, a popular feature used to celebrate various occasions.

In a similar gesture, Apple CEO Tim Cook also took to X to extend his Diwali wishes to the Indian community. Cook’s message was accompanied by a picture taken by AFP photojournalist Chandan Khanna. This exchange of festive greetings on social media platforms highlights the global reach and influence of tech leaders, acknowledging the cultural significance of Diwali.

Shifting gears, it’s noteworthy to mention that in October, Tim Cook emphasized the increasing importance of India for Apple’s growth. He recognized the substantial potential in the Indian market, citing its low market share in a large and growing economy. Cook’s focus on India reflects Apple’s strategic intent to expand its presence and seize opportunities in the country, contributing to the company’s overall global growth.

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