Pinarayi Vijayan’s party leader claims potential Muslim League leaders likely to join them

In response to media inquiries, Jayarajan expressed admiration for senior IUML leader PK Kunhalikutty, portraying him as someone who consistently takes the right stand on issues.

In recent political developments in Kerala, the state’s political landscape has been marked by intriguing dynamics involving the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), a key player in the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF), and the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)). The IUML, under the leadership of Sayyid Sadik Ali Shihab, confirmed its unwavering commitment to the UDF. However, the situation took an interesting turn as LDF Convenor EP Jayarajan continued to praise the IUML and hinted at the possibility of some IUML leaders expressing interest in joining the LDF.

Thangal, the IUML supremo, asserted the party’s steadfast commitment to strengthening the UDF in Kerala. This affirmation came amidst reported efforts by the LDF to attract the IUML into its fold. Despite Thangal’s resolute stance, Jayarajan’s remarks suggested a potential divergence within the IUML, with indications that certain leaders might be considering a shift towards the LDF.

In response to media inquiries, Jayarajan expressed admiration for senior IUML leader PK Kunhalikutty, portraying him as someone who consistently takes the right stand on issues. This subtle endorsement fueled speculation about the LDF’s attempts to woo key IUML figures into their alliance. Jayarajan even suggested that IUML leaders interested in joining the LDF would eventually come around, adding an air of uncertainty to the political scenario.

Contrary to Jayarajan’s insinuations, Kunhalikutty emphatically rejected the Left leader’s statements. He stated that Jayarajan lacked a comprehensive understanding of the IUML’s history and operational style. Kunhalikutty emphasized that the IUML operates under a unified stand, and the final word within the party rests with Thangal. This robust reaffirmation of loyalty from a prominent IUML figure underscored the party’s cohesion and discipline.

Jayarajan acknowledged the electoral significance of the IUML, acknowledging that the Congress depends on IUML’s support for success. He underscored IUML’s potential to secure victories independently, highlighting its strategic importance in Kerala’s political landscape. This acknowledgment hinted at the bargaining power IUML holds within the UDF alliance.

Recent incidents added fuel to the speculation of a potential shift in the IUML’s allegiance. IUML’s participation in the LDF’s outreach program, Nava Kerala Sadas, raised eyebrows, particularly as it was boycotted by the Congress-led opposition alliance. IUML’s state General Council Member, N A Abubakar, not only attended the program but was seen sitting alongside Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, intensifying rumors that the IUML might contemplate a switch to the LDF, thereby ending its longstanding alliance with the Congress.

In an attempt to address concerns within the UDF, Thangal reiterated the IUML’s commitment to the UDF during a gathering in Sultan Bathery. He enumerated various reasons for the IUML’s unwavering support to the UDF and dismissed speculations about a potential association with the LDF. Thangal’s statements aimed to reassure UDF allies and supporters of the IUML’s allegiance to the coalition.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, IUML MLA P Abdul Hameed’s nomination to the Left-controlled director board of the Kerala State Co-operative Bank raised questions about IUML’s alignment. Thangal clarified that such appointments should not be construed as indicative of a shift in the alliance and reiterated IUML’s commitment to the UDF.

Kunhalikutty, a stalwart in the IUML, brought his decades-long experience and leadership roles to the forefront, emphasizing his unwavering adherence to Thangal’s stand. He conveyed that his opinions align with Thangal’s, asserting that he is not someone who takes a stand contrary to the IUML supremo. Kunhalikutty’s remarks aimed to dispel any doubts about internal divisions within the IUML.

As the political landscape in Kerala continues to evolve, the question remains whether these speculations will materialize into a significant shift in alliances or if the IUML will maintain its historical association with the UDF. The interplay of political dynamics, party loyalties, and strategic considerations will undoubtedly shape the future course of Kerala’s political scenario.

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