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Putin and Xi Jinping want “political solution” to the conflict in Ukraine

Chinese President weighed in on the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, endorsing the necessity of an Independent Palestine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Leader Xi Jinping have agreed that there must be a “political solution” to the crisis in Ukraine. During the Russian president’s visit, the two heads of state met in Beijing and signed a joint statement.

conflict in Ukraine
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Xi stated, “Both sides agree that a political solution to the Ukraine crisis is the correct direction,” during a news conference that was carried by Russian media. This occurs while China is supplying weaponry components for the conflict in Ukraine and supporting Russia’s economy, which worries the West.

Conflict in Ukraine Amid Growing Diplomatic Relations

Closing military-political alliances in the Asia-Pacific area, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, are “harmful” this Thursday, May 16.

During a press briefing, Putin said, “It is necessary to work towards building a reliable and appropriate security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region, in which there is no place for closed military-political alliances. We believe they are very harmful and the creation of such alliances is counterproductive.” Putin is currently on a two-day state visit.

conflict in Ukraine
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Russia and China have maintained diplomatic relations for 75 years this year. “Rising economic ties between Russia, China exemplify mutual development,” stated Xi. The president of China also discussed the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and supported the idea of an independent Palestine.

“Today’s world still suffers from cold War mentality, threats to peace… War in Gaza must be resolved with recognition of Independent Palestine,” stated Xi.

Putin claimed that he stays in frequent communication with Xi to discuss and manage “difficult matters” in a statement that reflects the close ties between Russia and China.

China and Russia’s growing relationship

Putin noted that China is working with Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear energy organisation, to construct units and improve China’s energy infrastructure. In an effort to improve connectivity, China and Russia are also collaborating on international transportation corridors. In addition, the two countries participate in cultural exchange programmes to strengthen their relationship, and their scientific and educational collaborations are growing.

While Putin made a similar claim that the relations between China and Russia are “stabilising” for the world, Xi remarked that the two countries’ relations are “conducive to peace.”

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