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Security forces engage terrorists in Kulgam encounter days after disrupting modules in South Kashmir

Amidst heightened security operations in J&K, an encounter in Kulgam follows the dismantling of two terror modules. Tensions rise as authorities confront persistent threats

Days after security forces demolished two terror modules in the area of south Kashmir and took five “hybrid” terrorists into custody, an encounter took place in Kulgam. According to authorities, there was a confrontation on Wednesday between security personnel and terrorists in the Kujjar region of the Kulgam district in Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir Zone Police in a social media post said, “Encounter has started at Kujjar area of #Kulgam. Police and security forces are on the job.”


The encounter broke out days after security forces busted two terror modules in the south Kashmir district and arrested five “hybrid” terrorists. The arrested persons have been identified as Aadil Hussain Wani, Suhail Ahmad Dar, Aitmad Ahmad Laway, Mehraj Ahmad Lone and Sabzar Ahmad Khaar, the official said.

A huge quantity of arms and ammunition including two pistols, three hand grenades, one UBGL, two pistol magazines, 12 pistol rounds, and 21 AK-47 rounds was recovered from their possession.

This is a developing story reported only to this extent so far.

In the volatile region of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), the ongoing struggle against terrorism has witnessed a series of intense encounters between militants and the Indian Army, as reported by NDTV. The mountainous terrain and dense forests of the region often serve as a challenging backdrop for these operations, testing the mettle of the armed forces.


According to NDTV’s coverage, multiple encounters have occurred in various districts, highlighting the persistent threat posed by militant groups. The army’s counter-terrorism efforts aim to neutralize these threats and maintain stability in the strife-torn region. The encounters involve meticulous planning and execution by the security forces, who navigate through difficult terrain to track down and engage with terrorists.

These clashes underscore the complex security situation in J&K, where insurgency has been a longstanding issue. The army’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding civilian lives and maintaining law and order is evident in these operations. The encounters also shed light on the evolving tactics employed by militants and the constant need for adaptive strategies by the armed forces.

While the situation remains challenging, the resolve of the Indian Army, as reported by NDTV, is a testament to their dedication in addressing the security concerns in Jammu and Kashmir and striving for a peaceful and stable environment in the region. The encounters serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing efforts required to combat terrorism and ensure the safety of the local population.

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