Pune to get Garbage Collection ATMs that will pay you ₹1 for a plastic bottle, ₹3 for a glass bottle

The initiative to install 40 such machines throughout the city has been taken by Pune Municipal Corporation.

The Pune Municipal Corporation will soon be installing “garbage collection ATMs” in the city, to collect plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal cans, and plastic wrappers among other garbage.

Standing committee chairman Hemant Rasane said, “If citizens hand over empty plastic bottles, they will get Re1. If they hand over a glass bottle, they will get Rs3.”

Rasane said that one of the start-up companies has submitted a proposal for the installation of the devices.

A total of 40 such ATMs will be installed in the city in phases. Few such ATMs are also operational in Delhi and Varanasi.

All the transactions are online with citizens getting money in their bank accounts for which they will need to register their mobile numbers.

Citizens will be informed about how to use it via a display on the devices.

PMC will provide the land for these ATMs in public places. For the place where these machines will be installed, 24 hours free Wi-Fi, facility to open a new bank account, purchase of new SIM card, purchase of tickets for cinema, train, bus, etc will be provided. Garbage collected in ATMs will be disposed of in a scientific manner.

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