PM Modi recounts memories of the old parliament as he bids farewell to the old building

PM Modi spoke about the success of the G20 summit, the rise of confidence in parliament and Nehru’s speech in the parliament.

Ahead of bidding farewell to the old parliament building, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a heartfelt speech about the parliament and recounted the memories and the moments that the parliament saw in the 75 years of its functioning in independent India.  

Prime Minister Modi during his speech in the Lok Sabha on Monday, said that the biggest achievement of the parliament’s journey is the increase of the confidence of the people in the parliament. PM Modi also recalled the first time he was elected to the parliament as an MP and his first entry to the current parliament building. PM Modi described the moment as a very emotional moment as he never imagined that he would get so much love from the people of this country.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the recent success of the G20 summit which was held in New Delhi, saying that it is a matter of celebration as it was a success of India and its 140 crore people and not the success of certain individuals or a certain party. “The success of the G20 is of 140 crore Indians, it is the success of Bharat. It is not a success of an individual or a political party.” “Many people have a tendency to be suspicious about India, and this has continued since Independence. This time too, they were confident that there would be no (G20) declaration. However, it is India’s strength that it happened,” said PM Modi.

While talking on the inclusion of the African Union in the G20, PM Modi said, “India will be proud that when it was the president (of the G20), the African Union became its member. I cannot forget the emotional moment when the announcement was made, the African Union President said that perhaps he would break down while speaking. You can imagine the fortune India had, to fulfil such huge hopes and expectations.”

While discussing the 75-year journey of the parliament, PM Modi recalled then PM Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech on ‘tryst with destiny’ and said that that speech will continue to inspire people of this country for time immemorial and also remembered former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s speech and said, “The echo of Pandit Nehru’s ‘at the stroke of midnight’ in this Parliament will continue to inspire us. And this is that very Parliament where Atal Ji said ‘sarkaren ayyengi, jayengi; partiyan banegi, bigedgi; magar ye desh rahna chahiye’.”

Along with the good times this parliament observed, PM Modi also spoke about the darkest time of this parliament: the terror attack on the Indian parliament by Afzal Guru, “There was a terror attack (on the Parliament). This was not an attack on a building. In a way, it was an attack on the mother of democracy, on our living soul. The country can never forget that incident. I also bow before those who took bullets to their chest to protect the Parliament and all its members, while fighting the terrorists.”

Finally, bidding farewell to the parliament building

Finally, bidding farewell to the parliament building which saw the highs and the lows of this country, PM Modi said, “When I first entered this building (Parliament) as an MP, I bowed down and honoured the temple of democracy. It was an emotional moment for me. I could have never imagined that a child belonging to a poor family, living on the railway platform would ever be able to enter the Parliament. I never imagined that I would get so much love from people.”

“Bidding goodbye to this building is an emotional moment…Many bitter-sweet memories have been associated with it. We have all witnessed differences and disputes in the Parliament but at the same time, we have witnessed ‘Parivaar bhaav’. All these memories are our shared memories, our shared heritage and hence, its pride is also our shared,” the Prime Minister added.

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