At Chennai Airport, customs officials confiscate rare snakelets from a traveller

The passenger came in a Thai Airways flight with a large plastic basket containing 14 snakelets.

Recently in the early hours of Wednesday exotic creatures, including 15 juvenile pythons and a rare squirrel, were taken by customs officers at the Chennai Airport from a traveler who arrived there via Thai Airlines. The passenger was a 35-year-old carrying two luggage, and when asked what was inside, he gave conflicting responses and insisted that it was only toys.

A traveller who had taken a Thai Airlines flight out of Bangkok was detained by customs authorities who were on normal patrol, according to sources, in the early hours of Wednesday.

The customs officials were shocked and ran away screaming. But the traveller with ease took the snakelets and held them in his palms, saying that these snakes were like rubber snakes, non-venomous game snakes.

When it came time to inspect the animals’ well-being, forest officials were contacted, and the passenger was detained for questioning because he had no legitimate identification. The Union Wildlife Protection Crime Branch Police in Besant Nagar, Chennai were informed by the customs officials.

ANI reported, “These snakes may harbour foreign pathogens. If these are allowed into the country, there is a risk of spreading foreign disease germs and causing various diseases to animals and humans as well,” said the officials. The customs officers will send the animals back to Thailand once their health has been thoroughly examined.

Baby pythons belong to the Ball Pythons Family as per the reports.

About the Ball Pythons

The Ball Python is a little, non-venomous snake that lives on the ground. They usually have a tan-yellow underside and are brown and black in appearance. Lifespan: They typically survive 20 to 30 years in captivity, while some have been reported to live up to 40 years. One of the ten species in the genus Python is the ball python. Constricting species of the Pythonidae family that are found in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Eastern Hemisphere make up the genus. Up to 11 eggs can be laid by a ball python female, who coils over them to keep them warm. Chennai cabbie receives shock of his life after receiving Rs 9,000 crore in his bank account

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