Youth stabbed to death during Ambedkar’s birth anniversary procession in Karnataka

The bleeding teenager was brought to the hospital after sustaining significant injuries, but he died after failing to respond to treatment.

On Sunday night, a twenty-six-year-old boy was stabbed to death during a procession commemorating Dr. Ambedkar‘s birth anniversary at Rashtrapathi Chouk on New Jewargi Road, within the Ashok Nagar Police Station limits.

Akash Anjaneya is the deceased, and police officials believe that his companion Naveen has been absconding since killing him.

After burying the hatchet, both friends attended Dr. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary celebration after feuding over minor concerns.

The villagers had settled their argument when they began arguing again on Sunday morning, but Naveen allegedly stabbed Akash in the back during the procession later that night and fled the scene.

After being gravely hurt, the bleeding teenager was brought to the hospital. However, after failing to respond to treatment, he passed away. The accused is thought to have turned off his cell phone, and police have initiated a search operation to find him.

An incident related to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar happened in January this year at the very same place of Karnataka.


A teenager at a government hostel in Karnataka was recently assaulted, stripped, and paraded half-naked on a road, allegedly by fellow boarders, after refusing to attend a “BR Ambedkar puja” at the facility.

The incident occurred on a road near the Karnataka High Court bench, with the disrobed victim forced to hold a photograph of Ambedkar.

The boy’s father filed a complaint against 15-20 students, most of whom were minors. One of the counts is inciting hostility between groups.

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