India ranks an abysmally low 101 out of 116 in the global hunger index 2021 report.

India even lags behind all its neighbours, sharing its space in the rankings with Sub-Saharan nations.

India which is considered to be the next big power on the international stage is not even able to feed its people properly according to the Global Hunger Index with it being identified as one of the 31 countries where hunger has been designated as a serious governance concern.

India is even far behind its neighbours, Pakistan is placed at 92nd rank, Nepal at 76th and Bangladesh also at 76th. It shares its space with war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Sub-Saharan nations like Congo, Chad, Liberia, Central African Republic.

India has received a score of 27.5 out of 100, but hunger has been decreasing on a year to year basis since 2000. The lesser the score the better meaning country with a score of 0 has no hunger problem at all.

Global Hunger Index( GHI ) scores are calculated in a three-step process, first values for undernourishment, child stunting, child wastage and child mortality is calculated for countries which are then standardized to a global average scale. This data is then used to create an aggregated scale-out of 100 to publish the rankings. Data for the indicators come from data collection efforts by various UN and other multilateral agencies. Due to methodological and data differences, scores or rankings of different years cannot be compared for a particular country.

The data, accuracy and sample size for the previous years report has been questioned by the Modi government, with the considered minister even having written to the index publishers for answers but to no avail. Modi government had previously pointed out that the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey (CNNS) had shown numbers contrary to the index.

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