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Gulf countries ban Yami Gautam’s film ‘Article 370’

Directed by Aditya Suhas Jambhale, the film hit theaters on February 23.

Yami Gautam’s political thriller film, “Article 370,” has garnered considerable success domestically and internationally, earning acclaim from both audiences and critics. However, the recent prohibition of the movie in Gulf countries poses a setback for the Hindi film industry, denying audiences in the region the opportunity to experience a well-received Indian cinematic work.

The ban in the Gulf is unexpected, particularly given the region’s thriving tourism industry and frequent Indian movie productions. This disparity between Bollywood’s influence on the Gulf’s entertainment scene and the limited access to Indian films in its theaters raises concerns about censorship and restricted cultural exchange. Despite Indian cinema’s popularity in the region, the absence of films like “Article 370” highlights a worrisome pattern.

The film explores universal human experiences within a intricate socio-political context, addressing themes of identity, struggle, and resilience. It delves into the aspirations and challenges faced by individuals during turbulent times, fostering understanding and dialogue.

“Article 370” specifically focuses on terrorism and corruption in Jammu and Kashmir, with Yami portraying the role of an intelligence officer. The trailer depicts the rise of terrorism in the region, with radicals aiming to seize control. Yami’s character is assigned a mission in Kashmir following the revocation of Article 370 by the Central government on August 5, 2019.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi referenced the film during a gathering in Jammu, acknowledging its role in providing accurate information about Article 370.

According to Sacnilk.com, “Article 370” has garnered nearly ₹23 crore in India within just 3 days of its release. The film earned ₹5.9 crore on the first day, ₹7.4 crore on the second day, and an estimated ₹9.50 crore on its third day.

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