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Taylor Swift now officially a Billionaire thanks to her Eras Tour

Her ongoing Eras Tour literally created an earthquake while she performed and boosted economy of US states where she performed.

Taylor Swift has added another feather to her cap this year: she’s now a billionaire, as per a Bloomberg analysis.

Swift’s total net worth is estimated at $1.1 billion, largely propelled by her record-breaking Eras tour, which had a significant economic impact in the US.

Bloomberg notes that Swift is one of the rare entertainers to achieve billionaire status solely through music and performances.

Her Eras tour, which spanned numerous cities and broke records, made a substantial global impact.

Swift’s influence even made it into the US central bank’s Beige Book, a summary of regional economic conditions. Philadelphia Federal Reserve officials acknowledged the tour’s significant boost to the local tourism sector.

Starting in Mexico City, Swift’s Eras Tour went worldwide from August 24. Next year, it will continue in Japan, Australia, Singapore, Europe, and other locations.

Her upcoming movie “The Eras Tour” could potentially set records for the strongest October debut for any film, rivaling “Joker” which grossed $96.2 million in ticket sales on its opening weekend in 2019.

In 2023, three women have dominated the economy: Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Barbie. Together, they’ve demonstrated the significant financial influence of targeting female consumers effectively. Forbes notes that women either influence or control 85% of consumer spending, underscoring the substantial economic power of women in business.

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