Second day of ongoing encounter with terrorists in Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir

The conflict has reportedly resulted in the elimination of one terrorist and the unfortunate loss of a soldier. Additionally, three security personnel have been injured.

In a recent development in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district, the face-off between security forces and terrorists has escalated to its second day. The ongoing conflict has led to an upsurge in security. The skirmish has, so far, reportedly led to the neutralization of a terrorist, while also tragically claiming the life of a brave soldier. 

Details of the Encounter 

The conflict, which began on Tuesday, has also caused injuries to three security personnel. Among the injured is a Special Police Officer. The exchange of gunfire in the encounter has significantly impacted the district, increasing the tension in the area. 


Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) in Jammu, Mukesh Singh, provided an update on the situation. He said, “One terrorist neutralized; One Army jawan lost his life, three others, including one police SPO, injured in the ensuing encounter in Rajouri district.”

Heroism Amidst the Battle 

Amidst the dangerous situation, a symbol of astounding courage emerged. A six-year-old female Labrador named Kent made the ultimate sacrifice while defending her handler during the encounter. Her last moments were spent leading a group of soldiers trying to fend off the terrorists when they faced severe bombardment. Her sacrifice was a part of ‘Operation Sujaligala.’ 

Series of Events 

In the backdrop of these ongoing developments in Rajouri, this follows a successful operation last week in the neighbouring Reasi district. There, the joint efforts of the Indian Army and Jammu and Kashmir police led to the elimination of another terrorist. Moreover, the operation led to the significant recovery of war-like materials, including an AK series automatic rifle and its magazines. 

Regional Security Measures 

Security forces in the region are maintaining a high vigil, as demonstrated by the Indian Army’s recent mitigation of an IED threat on September 3. There are also other steps taken by important security agencies in the region. For instance, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently apprehended two individuals alleged to have facilitated the criminals responsible for the murder of five civilians in the Dhangri village in January. 


Furthermore, serious injuries suffered by several others were attributed to the attack conducted by unidentified terrorists at the start of the year. Following the tragic incident, a case was registered under various laws, further substantiating the severity of the event.

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