A child ran over by TMC’s MP Abu Taher Khan in Murshidabad

He was taken to Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital in a serious condition and died while being treated.

He succumbed to the injuries while undergoing treatment at the hospital. After being hit by Trinamool Congress MP Abu Taher Khan’s car Wednesday afternoon in the Piprakhali, he was immediately taken to the hospital. 

The child has been identified as Hashim Sarkar, 6, a resident of Murshidabad.

The child had gone out with his mother and he was crossing the road unattended while his mother was completing some work at a nearby bank.

Mr Khan was going to Berhampur in his car when the incident took place, he was the one who rushed the kid to the hospital. 

“The child suddenly came in front of our vehicle. A small child, he was five or six. We rushed him to the hospital. It happened in front of me. Maybe he suffered a brain injury,” Mr Khan told reporters outside the hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, the car must have been travelling at around 60 kmph when the child suddenly came in front of the vehicle.

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