Republicans gain majority in US house, set stage for Trump’s return in 2024

The Republicans won in the house with a narrow margin, while the Democrats retained the senate.

The Republicans won control of the US house of representatives, putting a dent in the future of Democrats’ ambitious projects. However, contrary to their expectations the Republicans won by a very narrow margin, and the faint majority will complicate the Grand old party’s (GOP) planned functioning.

At the time of taking over the office, US president Joe Biden had the comfort of the Democrats’ presence in both chambers. The current change in the combination with a Republican house will certainly dwindle Biden’s agendas and launch an investigation into his administration and family, specifically his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

The midterm elections have caused a divided government as Democratic Party now holds Senate, while the Republicans hold a bleak majority with 218 seats needed to control the chamber. With such a slim majority in the house, legislative chaos is highly likely. This could land GOP leaders into tricky situations as they try to win support for must-pass measures that keep the government funded or raise the debt ceiling.

While the Republicans were expecting a sweeping majority owing to their promises to slash government spending, expand fossil fuel production and extend Trump-era tax cuts on the wealthy, few blamed Donald Trump for the setback but a majority of the members believe that the victory has set the stage for the 2024 presidential election, where the return of Trump is a high possibility since he announced for a re-run in the 2024 elections.

Biden congratulated the Republicans but also expressed a sense of relief as he noted the Democrats’ better-than-expected performances across the country. He said, “In this election, voters spoke clearly about their concerns, the need to lower costs, protect the right to choose, and preserve our democracy.” He added, “I will work with anyone whether a Republican or Democrat who is willing to work with me to deliver results.”

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